Sunday, September 27, 2017

Time: 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

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Those with tickets will have exclusive access to the 20th Street – Eakins Oval 1-mile stretch and should enter the Benjamin Franklin Parkway through the following security check points for both the Festival of Families and the Papal Mass:

  • Pennsylvania Avenue at the intersection of N 23rd Street and Spring Garden Street
  • N 22nd Street at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Hamilton Street
  • Hamilton Street between N 21st and N 22nd Streets
  • 21st Street between Hamilton Street and Pennsylvania Avenue
  • N 20th Street at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Callowhill Street
  • N 20th Street at Race Street
  • N 21st Street at Winter Street

Designated walking routes



To all areas

To Parkway ticketed area

Parkway secure zone

Saturday and Sunday


To Parkway general-public areas

Festival of


public Mass

To Independence Hall ticketed area

Ticket holders only


Pope Francis’ public appearances

No public access


Open Center City train stations




General public,

Saturday and Sunday



Mass at


General public,

Saturday only

(Area open with no

screening on Sunday)






Independence Hall

secure zone




Mall speech

Ticket holders only


30th St.



Security entry points



2d Street


Parkway ticketed area


Parkway general public


Independence Hall

ticketed area











and Locust









SEPTA: Special Papal Visit Website

Walking Routes and Ticketed Areas for the Pope’s Visit

The Complete Pope in Philly Survival Guide

Fr. Tom, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church

Do not be discouraged! I never expected to stand as close as 20th street. I have been to big papal events before. The wonder of a big papal event is not that you get to see the Pope up close. Hardly anyone does, not even those with tickets to go past the 20th Street checkpoint. Here is a photo of World Youth Day in Germany. I was there with 30 young people. I was right up front, but I still had to see the papal Mass on a big screen. I was also in Madrid, again with 30 kids. In Madrid, I was in the very back and it was wonderful. Again, I had to see it on the big screen. But the experience both times of being in a huge crowd of Catholics, all united in faith -- was amazing.

Even if you get past the 20th and Parkway site you will still basically be seeing things on a screen. That is just the nature of this sort of event. I hope that there is a huge crowd. Otherwise it will be an embarrassment to the Church and the Pope. Also, we are fortunate. If we get tired of the crowd we can just walk back to HR. Anytime we want. We can go for a while, see what is going on and walk away. Others cannot do that. I was offered a ticket for myself to the papal Mass at the cathedral and I turned it down so that I can spend the day with the Chinese Catholic group. I could also claim a ticket for closer position at the big papal events, but I plan to stay with our Chinese Catholics who cannot get close. I look forward to being with many other Catholics from everywhere and with our own people. It is not the Pope, but the brother and sister Catholics who will be exciting to see. Some people say that you can see a football game better from home on TV, but the experience of being in the crowd at the stadium is unique. These big papal events require lots of waiting, lots of walking, lots of standing. But in the end, for me at least, it is worth it.

People should know what to expect. And if people don't want to go, fine, they can stay home. But we need to encourage, not discourage one another to be part of this big event. Even if you come to HR for part of the weekend and just encourage us there with your presence, it will be good. Again, remember. If we walk to the papal area and get to see it on a screen near City Hall, it will still be wonderful. And if you get tired, just walk back to HR and perhaps to your car or to SEPTA and leave. Stay as long as it is comfortable to stay.

We have made arrangements to rent parking at 8th and Spring Garden Street, just outside of the traffic box.

From Friday, September 25, until Monday, September 28, you will not be able to drive to Holy Redeemer.

If you live outside of the box, here are your options:

a. walk or bike to Holy Redeemer

b. take SEPTA or other public transportation. There is public transportation available

c. park you car at Holy Redeemer on Friday before 6 PM and leave it there until after the papal events on Sunday

d. park at 8th and Spring Garden and walk to and from Holy Redeemer.

You MUST sign up in advance for parking at the 8th and Spring Garden site. We will have a sign up sheet at church.

Friday, September 25 evening parking will be $10

Saturday, September 26 all day parking will be $15

Sunday, September 27 all day parking will be $15.


a. for the 4:45 Saturday event at Independence Hall. YOU NEED TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT. I have 40 tickets but I think that more than 40 people tickets. As much as possible, we will prefer senior citizens and those with difficulty in moving for this event. The remaining tickets will be awarded in a fair, impartial manner.

b. for the Saturday 7:30 PM and Sunday 4 PM events on the Parkway near the Art Museum. YOU DO NOT NEED TICKETS FOR THESE EVENTS. However, we have 40 tickets for a closer position available for these events. We will award these tickets on Saturday and Sunday at Holy Redeemer among those who are about to walk together to the events.

BE ADVISED: You will have to arrive several hours early for each event. For example, it is recommended that you arrive no later than 1 PM for the Independence Hall event. There is security and a large crowd to get through.

The visit of the Holy Father to Philadelphia is a wonderful wonderful event. I urge everyone to be part of it. Holy Redeemer will be open and available for everyone to use as a base and resting place. Please do not stay away due to fears about crowds and discomfort. We do have to have a fair way to award tickets. Also, we have to know in advance who wants to purchase parking.